2021-2022 Officers

Co-Presidents – Susan Cunningham & Maile Melkonian

President-Elect –   Lisa Silva & TBD

Program Vice Presidents – Susan Mathews, Phyllis Matteson, Sherri Bentley

Membership Vice President – Suzanne Babcock

Membership Treasurer – Jean Moritz

Treasurer – Donna Nottingham

Financial Director – Susan Franciskovich

Sequoia Branch Honored Member Gift Fund Vice President – Nancy Holmes

Secretary  – Marsha Brooks-Smith

Communications Director – Betsy Gaudette-Cross


Appointed Chairs

Book Sale Coordination – Sandra Parmelly & Jan Johnson

Book Sale Signs – Suzanne Babcock

Bylaws/Parliamentarian – Nancy Adalian

Historian –  Dona Meinhardt

Hospitality – Marsha Brooks-Smith

Database Manager – Allison Babcock

Publicity/ Social Media – Allison Babcock

Public Policiy – Terry Cornelius

Yearbook Editor – Maile Melkonian

Sunshine – Renella Smith

COS Scholarship – Nan-Celia Horobetz and Phyllis Matteson and Liz Kieske

Tech Trek – Jeanne Evans and Jane Grassel and Susan Kreps

Expanding Your Horizons – Lori Olvera-Clarkson